Our Mission

Fulla Corp. we want to offer our clients a commercial and residential cleaning experience, offering an effective methodology that in addition to providing hygiene and cleaning, is combined with exclusive aromas that stimulate the senses; the use of eco-responsible products, that take care of the health of our clients and out society; distribution of quality inputs; security in all our processes; local presence with rapid growth at a national level and the development of an application that integrates technology with our business processes as a key tool in productivity, responsiveness, and the improvement of the value of our services that would allow them to be always available and at  the hands of our customers.

Who will benefit

To our Staff

We offer opportunities for professional growth and development, as it is our most important resource.

The Businesses

To a business man and their customers and employees by offering a quality service and worrying about their health and image, while also aiming to become their business ally.

To families

By supporting them in the work of hygiene and cleanliness of their homes.

The Investors

To our investor (who manage a city or area)by making it a profitable and successful model and also by offering opportunities for growth as a Master Investor (county level).

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Because we are taking care of its environment, offering job opportunities, and supporting the markets’ need with quality and responsibility.

To the society and to the people who are eco responsible.

Where we are located

We are located in the city of Doral, from where we will initially cover the territory of Miami-Dade County with a development potential of 34 localities, and with the vision of a projecting growth of 66 more counties throughout the state of Florida.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies!