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The cleaning industry

Is today one of the fastest growing service industries in the world. The services industry currently has a value of fifty-two million dollars, according to the report of IBIS World Industry Report 56172 and is expected to reach two hundred million dollars in 2018. The cleaning and maintenance services will continue to offer a great business opportunity. Wherever you look, there are new buildings, businesses that are opening and all these companies need cleaning services in addition to all the real estate infrastructure that grows every day, someone has to clean all these houses and businesses.

Commercial and residential cleaning

Provides a large source of new customers in the main metropolitan areas of cities and residential areas. The possibilities of income are endless.

The cleaning industry

Has been labeled by many economists as a recession-proof industry with the lowest closing rate. It is distinctive in providing a continuous income even during an economic recession. Businesses will always need cleaning, regardless of the changes in the economy.